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Teeth whitening in Springfield, MA

When your teeth look yellow, dirty, or have different colors, they can give people the wrong first impression about you. If you’re worried about your teeth color making you feel shy, don’t worry because lots of people think this way, too. The group in charge of teaching dentistry for looks says that stained teeth are the main problem people want to fix when it comes to their smile. In our Springfield office, we give two good ways to make your smile bright again: by removing big stains and yellowish colors that have been there for many years.
You can relax in our office while we apply a teeth-whitening session for you, which usually lasts about 30 minutes. Instead, we have an item you can take home. This is great for those looking for something that easily fits into everyday life. This option for home use allows you to safely brighten your teeth in just a few minutes every day. This doesn’t take long since it only lasts less than two weeks.
No matter your choice, we suggest a professional clean-up first so you can start with fresh teeth for that new grin. This cleaning before any treatment makes sure that there are no food scraps or germs trapped. They can stop the white brightening from working properly. We want to help you get a refreshed, happy grin that shows your real self.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Even the brightest smiles can lose their shine because of different reasons. Bad breath and not cleaning your teeth well enough can cause tooth color to change over time, but other things can also affect the shade of your teeth.
Tooth enamel, which is the outer part of our teeth and has holes in it, makes them easily affected by foods or drinks with strong colors. Even careful brushing might not fully remove the signs of daily coffee, tea, soda, or red wine drinking.
The normal process of growing older lets enamel get thinner slowly, showing more dentin, which is softer under the coating. When a tooth gets hurt, the body makes extra dentin. This can also be seen more easily.
Using tobacco and smoking bring in tar and nicotine, making teeth get stains.
Moreover, certain medical treatments and drugs are known for making teeth darker. These include certain types of antibiotics, medications for mental health problems, medicines to fight allergies, and high blood pressure. Also, there are special treatments like chemotherapy and radiation targeting the head area that can affect your neck, too.
If someone told you, you need treatments like crowns, bridges, or dentures for your teeth. It’s a good idea to think about making them white before these procedures happen. It’s important to know that tooth whitening treatments don’t do anything about these fix-up things. They stay clean and can’t be stained because they have special protection against it. Choosing to whiten your teeth before these procedures lets them match well with any cosmetic items. This makes everything work together nicely when you have white natural teeth, too.

GLO® Science Professional: Achieve Striking Results Without Sensitivity

Our Springfield office is proud to use the new and quick-acting GLO Science Professional. It’s a whitening system that doesn’t hurt teeth when used but helps make them white quickly. A GLO Science Professional session of 32 minutes can make your teeth five shades whiter on average.
We will use things like your teeth problems right now, how much they are changing color, and the result you want to get. Then we tell what part of the gel for teeth whitening might be best realted bit with them to do it rightly. There are also choices of 24% or 30% hydrogen peroxide. GLO Science Professional starts its big change after putting on the gel to your teeth using a new mouthpiece that closes when you put it in. This tool gives careful heat and light right to your teeth. This special design of the mouthpiece makes it faster and long-lasting compared to some other treatments. You will also feel comfortable after treatment, thanks to this product’s promises.
Try GLO Science Professional – it’s got special technology that makes your teeth whiter than ever before. Best part? It doesn’t hurt or cause any sensitivity issues at all!

GLO®: Whiten Teeth at Home or On the Go

Our Springfield office is happy to give the GLO teeth whitening method. It uses a mouthpiece that stays shut, similar to how it works in person at dentist offices. Along with soft, warm feeling and light, this way makes your smile brighter easily without causing pain or discomfort during the treatment process every day whenever needed most highly possible quickly best try now please look deeper into why

Before commencing with GLO:

  • Make sure you clean your teeth with a brush and floss, then put on the lip balm given to your lips.
  • Put a little bit of the 9 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening gel into small bottles on a brush tip given.
  • Put the gel on your top and bottom teeth.
  • After this, place the mouthpiece nicely and fasten it tightly. Use a remote that hangs from your neck to do so.

The remote is used to collect light and a little warmth, directing it to the whitening gel.

Wait for eight minutes, then rinse and put on the gel again. Do this four times with breaks of around eight minutes each time. The special strap on a remote lets you keep doing things, even if you are using your computer or doing chores. You can also relax while watching TV shows and reading books during treatment.

There should be a clear change in teeth’s lightness within five days. On average, it is expected to see them about five shades whiter. The system is made to be used safely for ten days in a row.

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