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Root Canal & Endodontics in Northampton, MA

Root canal treatment may be necessary if the inner pulp of a tooth becomes diseased or inflamed due to decay, injury, or previous dental work. If not treated, it can lead to more complications. At Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA, advanced technology and techniques are used to ensure comfortable and effective root canal treatment. The infected pulp is removed, the tooth cleaned and sealed, and then restored with crown or filing. If you have a toothache or sensitivity, please call for an appointment to see if root canal treatment is needed.

What Are Root Canals?

Root canals are dental operations performed on the inside of a tooth, which is referred to as pulp when it becomes infected or inflamed. This could be a result of tooth decay, damage or continuous dental interventions. The infected or inflamed pulp is carefully removed during the procedure, and the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection. The tooth is then fitted with a crown or filling to offer extra defence and reinstate its normal operation. Our skilled endodontic specialists at Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA, provide premium quality root canal treatment with the newest technology and techniques to make this procedure as comfortable and efficient for our patients as possible.

When Are Root Canals Needed?

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp, which can be described as soft tissue inside a tooth, becomes infected or inflamed. Deep decay, a cracked or broken tooth, repeated dental procedures, and trauma to the teeth can also cause it. Symptoms of a damaged pulp are pain, swelling, temperature sensitivity and discoloration of the tooth. If the infection is not properly treated, it spreads and affects other teeth as well as the gums surrounding that part. We perform root canal treatment to address these issues and restore them at Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA.
Some common symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal include:

  • Intense toothache, particularly when biting or applying pressure.
  • Sensitivity to temperature, hot or cold, even after the heat source has been eliminated.
  • Tender or swollen gums near the problematic tooth.
  • Darkening or discolouration of the involved tooth
  • A bump on the gum near a painful tooth that looks like a pimple and oozes either pus or blood when pressure is applied to it.

How is a root canal performed by a dentist?

A dentist or endodontist will numb the area around that tooth which is affected by a root canal procedure using local anesthetic. They will then drill the top of the tooth to get into the pulp chamber and root canals. The infected or inflamed pulp is gently extracted from the tooth with the help of specialized tools.
The interior part of the tooth is then properly scrubbed and sanitized in order to remove all bacteria that could cause further infection. The dentist may also employ an antimicrobial solution to wash the canals and remove all dirt and bacteria.
Cleaning the canals is followed by filling them with a substance that resembles rubber called gutta-percha so as to seal off further infection. The opening in the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling and then can be covered by a crown or other restoration to protect it further and restore its function.
Usually, the entire root canal approach takes even one or two appointments based on whether there is a high level of infection and what kind of anatomy your tooth has. The dedicated endodontic specialists at Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA, use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to make root canal treatment as comfortable and efficient for our patients as possible.

How Are Root Canals Completed?

Root canal treatment usually consists of multiple steps and may require one or more visits to be completed.
First of all, local anesthesia will be applied to the patient so that they are comfortable throughout this procedure. Then, the dentist will open up a tooth to get inside it where the infected or inflamed pulp is.
The dentist will use specialized instruments to carefully remove the damaged pulp and thoroughly clean the inside of the tooth with remnants or debris over bacteria. The tooth is then filled with a biocompatible substance to support its structure.
Generally, the dentist will suggest placing a crown or filling on top of any treated tooth for additional security and to restore natural function. 2 This may need another appointment.
Overall, root canal treatment is a very effective and safe process that can save your damaged or infected tooth from extraction. At Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA, we use hi-tech and latest techniques to ensure that our patients get the best root canal treatment they can ever receive.

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

So, the cost of a root canal may differ based on various aspects, including, for instance, where your tooth is located, how easy or complicated your procedure will be and if you’ll need another treatment like an inserted dental crown or filling. On the one hand, we strive to make root canal treatment accessible and cost-effective for our patients at Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA; on the other hand, you can find out that this dental clinic also accepts most health insurance plans and provides financial assistance programs helping them pay their bills more easily. Keep in mind that timely root canal treatment can help you save money because preventing further damage to the involved tooth and adjacent tissues prevents additional complications from arising.

Types of Root Canals

There are three main types of root canals: anterior, premolar, and molar.

On the front teeth, anterior root canals are done, and they usually have just one canal to handle.
Premolar root canals are done in teeth between the front and back ones, usually with one or two roots to treat.
Molar root canals are back teeth that have up to four channels for treatment. Molar root canals are usually the most difficult and time-consuming ones.
Suppose you are dealing with the effects of damaged teeth or infections at Gorgeous Smiles Dental located in Northampton, MA. In that case, our endodontic specialists will examine your situation and determine what type of root canal is required to help achieve optimum oral health.

Is Dental Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Dental root canal treatment has the reputation of being painful; however, by using modern techniques and anesthesia, this procedure is not pain-rolling. The dentist will insert a local anesthetic to lock the area around the tooth, making it comfortable during treatment. In many cases, the patient might feel little discomfort or sensitivity for a short period after the procedure, but this can be controlled with simple pain relievers that do not need prescriptions. This procedure usually provides relief from discomfort caused by the tooth pulp that is infected or inflamed and requires root canal treatment to relieve pain. The experienced endodontic specialists at Gorgeous Smiles Dental in Northampton, MA, are committed to making the whole root canal process comfortable and pain-free for our patients.

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