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Invisalign® in Worcester MA

If you want to fix your teeth without using metal braces that look odd, our dentists can help check if clear plastic Invisalign in Worcester is the best choice for how straight and correct you need them.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment means using a set of clear, almost invisible trays to fix your teeth. These are placed over the Teeth, and you wear them for some time before moving on to another tray in the series until everything is straightened out properly. These bent trays are made of plastic that bends, and they’re fit just for your teeth. They work the same way as old-style braces. They slowly move your teeth into what they want them to be over time. The big benefit is that you can take out these things. You swap them to a new set about every two weeks while getting better in the treatment process.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The price of getting Invisalign, like braces with metal wires, is usually about the same. But, how much money each patient will spend is different. It depends on things like the length of treatment and the seriousness of crooked teeth problems they have. Once we thoroughly inspect your teeth, our dentists can give you an idea of how much Invisalign will cost. This amount is based on what suits you best.
To help people use Invisalign easily, we might offer low-cost loans and various ways to pay. We suggest reaching out to our office for more info and looking into your money choices. Our job is to help you get a perfect smile with every tooth in the right place.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

How much your teeth need to be fixed decides how long you’ll have Invisalign treatment. Usually, for grown-up patients, the normal treatment time is around 12 to 18 months. The total time of treatment can be different for teenagers.
To keep your Invisalign treatment from not working, you might have to wear Invisalign retainers like the dentist or orthodontist told you. Keepers help keep your teeth straight and make sure they stay like that for a long time.

Invisalign Dentists

Invisalign treatment is given by a general dentist or orthodontist with extra training in this area. They need to be licensed for it, too. Our skilled Invisalign dentists will help you get the straight smile you want. They use a special plan made just for each person and are very dedicated to their job.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Picking between Invisalign and braces requires thinking about a few things. Many people care about looking good without metal in their smile, but the main thing they think about is if it works. This helps them decide what to do.
For people with simple orthodontic problems like not straight teeth, crooked teeth, or a bit of tight space between them, Invisalign can work just as well as normal braces. But for hard cases, especially those needing big changes, regular metal braces usually work better.
Our skilled dentists are here to help you choose the best option for what you need. We ask you to set up an appointment today. This way, we can tell you more and help you decide which treatment is best for your orthodontic needs and wants.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Our patients like Invisalign because it has many good points. Here are a few benefits of Invisalign to consider:

  • No Metal Irritation: Invisalign doesn’t use metal wires or brackets, so that it won’t hurt your mouth and gums.
  • Removability: You can take off the teeth-straightening trays easily whenever you want. This makes them easy to use for meals, cleaning your teeth, and flossing.
  • Discreet Appearance: The clear tray cover goes well over your teeth, almost hiding them from view. So no one sees you’re using braces. They can’t spot it!
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: Easier cleaning of teeth because there are no brackets or wires to dodge.
  • Less Frequent Office Visits: You’ll only need to go see the dentist once every four or six weeks for check-ups and changes.
  • No Food Restrictions: You can have your favorite food and drinks without any trouble because you can take out the straightener when eating.

These benefits make Invisalign a popular choice for people looking to get good and hidden orthodontic care.

Can Anyone Get Invisalign?

Invisalign might not be right for everyone. People usually don’t suggest kids use it because their mouths are still growing. People with very hard teeth problems, like lots of crowded or spaced-out teeth issues, might not be best for Invisalign.

To find out if Invisalign is right for you and see if it’s the best choice, we suggest getting in touch with our office. We will help set up a time so that experienced dentists can check on your problems closely before making any final decision. They will fit very carefully and help you choose the best way to fix your teeth problems. They’ll plan what would work best for you specifically.

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign?

If you have dental insurance, it’s possible that your plan may pay for part of the cost of getting Invisalign braces. To find out if you have insurance for Invisalign, it’s best to get in touch with your insurance company. Instead, you can call our office. Our staff will help you get more details on your insurance coverage for health and if it works with Invisalign treatment.

How Will Treatment Affect a Patient’s Lifestyle?

Many people find that Invisalign fits easily into their everyday life. The straighteners are made to come off before eating. This means you can eat without any rules on what food or drink you have; just take the attachments out first. It’s important to know that smoking or chewing tobacco could make the trays look bad, and it wouldn’t be wise to chew gum while using these things.
To keep your Invisalign trays clean, you can use a cleaning system made by the makers. You can buy this at our office. Instead, you can scrub the plates with toothpaste and wash them using warm water.
To get the best from Invisalign in Worcester, our dentists advise you to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day. Wearing them all the time is important for getting good results from your medicine.

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